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Training Workshop on Water Resources Management for Asia Cooperation Dialogue Countries
  2017-08-24 10:12  

Date:     November 20 - 29, 2017

Venue:  Beijing and Hubei, China



The Training Workshop on Water Resources Management for Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Countries  is one of the initial efforts of ACD towards enhancing the initiative of strengthening water resources integrated management, flood prevention and risk management, water-saving irrigation fields. The workshop will offer a distinct opportunity and practical approach to transfer knowledge, know-how, experience and best practices of China in the field of flood risk management and water-saving irrigation to participants from countries of South Asia and Central Asia, as well as to promote the application of advanced technologies and concepts in above mentioned fields and to enhance future cooperation and exchange among participants’ countries.


Workshop Modules

The training workshop consists of three parts, including technical courses, study tours and discussions.

Technical Courses

Water resources management in China

Food-Water-Energy Nexus in China

Flood prevention and control management in China

Water saving irrigation plan and policy in China

et al.

Study tours

Flood control Project in Yangzi river

Three Gorges Project in Yichang City

Water-saving irrigation demonstration base in Beijing


Participants are required to prepare an introduction concerning the flood control and management, water saving irrigation in their home countries for this training session.


Target Applicants

Water professionals shall be from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

Applicants must received bachelor’s degree or above.

Applicants should have at least five years of administrative or professional experiences in the field of flood control and disaster management, water saving irrigation or the related fields.

The official language of this training workshop is taught in English, participants are required to be proficient in reading, writing and speaking in English.

Participants shall be in good physical health condition.


Application Process

The application form is attached to this invitation, and can also be download from below. Upon completion of the application form, please send all required materials with a photograph of candidate to yffan@mwr.gov.cn & lindazhangxin@126.com by email. If you need further information about the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact Ms.Fan Yanfang or Ms. Zhang Xin with contact info below.



The workshop covers all related costs, including tuition, workshop materials, international air tickets, local transportation, field visits, accommodations and meals.


Contact Information

Contact Person:

Ms. FAN Yanfang, tel: +86-10-63202012, email: yffan@mwr.gov.cn ,

Ms. ZHANG Xin, tel: +86-10-63202362, email: lindazhangxin@126.com  

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