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Tian Xuebin met with Israeli ambassador to China
  2019-11-05 09:45  

  Tian Xuebin, Vice Minister of Water Resources, met with Zvi Heifetz, Israeli Ambassador to China in Beijing on October 25th, 2019. Both sides exchanged views on cooperation in water resource management, water conservation and technologies, unconventional water utilization, as well as technologies and policy making.

  Mr. Tian welcomed Ambassador Zvi Heifetz and expressed gratitude towards the Israeli Embassy in China for the long-term support and cooperation. The Ministry of Water Resources has always attached great importance to establish partnership with Israel water institutions, said the vice minister. As a country with a shortage and uneven distribution of water resources, Israel has taken innovative approaches for water development and utilization, and many of the successful experiences and practices are valuable to China. The two countries share a common interest and broader prospect for future cooperation.

  It was suggested to conduct high-level exchange and visit, especially initiate policy dialogue and enhance mutual understanding; facilitate cooperative activities under the mechanism of China-Israel Joint Committee on Innovative Cooperation; encourage river basin authorities and scientific research institutions undertaking joint research projects. It is believed that both countries will continue to promote water cooperation with joint efforts.

  Ambassador Zvi Heifetz gave a positive response to the suggestions made by the vice minister. China and Israel have obtained remarkable achievements in water cooperation, which will result in fruitful outcome in the future, said the ambassador. The Embassy will actively promote water cooperation under the mechanism of China-Israel Joint Committee for Innovative Cooperation.

  Officials from of MWR Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, Department of Water Resources Management and National Office of Water Conservation also attended the meeting.