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Minister E Jingping met with Mr. Brabbets, Vice Premier and Minister of Environment of Czech
  2019-05-07 14:22  

  On April 25, Mr. E Jingping, Minister of Water Resources, met with Mr. Brabbets, Vice Premier and Minister of Environment of Czech, in Beijing. The two sides exchanged views on best practices in flood and drought disaster prevention, water conservation, water resources protection, as well as deepening practical cooperation in water resources between China and Czech. Mr. Tian Xuebin, Vice Minister of Water Resources, attended the meeting.

  Minister E sincerely welcomed Vice Premier Brabbets for his special visit during the 2nd Belt and Road Forum, and expressed gratitude for his high emphasis on and support to bilateral water cooperation.

  Minister E introduced the current status of water governance in China, especially guidelines for water management and actions to deal with water problems. He pointed out that water resources in China are unevenly distributed in time and space. Along with social and economic development, China is confronting with new and old water problems, such as floods and droughts, water shortage, ecological degradation and water environmental pollution. Under the guidelines of “prioritizing water conservation, balancing development with spatial distribution of water resources, practicing systematic governance and achieving government-market synergy” by President Xi Jinping, the Ministry of Water Resources has taken a series of safeguarding measures for ensuring water security in order to achieve sustainable economic and social development, including initiation of water-saving society, rational allocation of water resources, recycled water use and water diversion to restore environment and ecosystem.

  Minister E noted that, after the signing of MOU between China and Czech in 2015 to jointly promote the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Czech has been playing an important role in the China-CEE cooperation and China-EU relationship. Czech made outstanding achievements in water resources management and flood disaster prevention, while China also carried out successful practices in related fields. In the forthcoming future, the water sector of two countries shall reinforce policy dialogue and technical exchange, and specify goals and objectives in a bid to boost bilateral water cooperation to a new level.

  Vice Premier Brabbets conveyed his appreciation for China's achievements in the aspects of water resources management and flood and drought disaster prevention, and also briefed the special drought situation of Czech in recent years and actions in dealing with water disasters, safeguarding measures for drinking water safety and groundwater recharge. Besides, he mentioned that both China and Czech are facing new challenges in water resources management and joint efforts are needed to share water management experiences in an all-round way, so as to enhance the level of water management.