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The 8th Meeting of Joint Committee on China-Mongolia Trans-Border Waters held in Beijing
  2018-12-28 09:12  

  From December 14th to 15th of 2018, the 8th meeting of Joint Committee on China-Mongolia Trans-Border Waters was held in Beijing.

  Led by Mr. Tian Xuebin, Vice Minister of Water Resources and the Chinese representative of the Joint Committee and Mr. Tsegmid Tsengel, State Secretary of the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism and the Mongolian representative of the Joint Committee, the delegations of two countries conduct friendly, frank and constructive discussions, exchange views on further strengthening cooperation in trans-boundary water utilization and protection. A Minutes of discussion was signed at the end of meeting.

  Vice Minister Tian recalled the visit of President Xi Jinping to Mongolia in 2014, which gave impetus to China-Mongolia relations and advanced it to a new level of comprehensive strategic partnership. Marked with frequent high-level exchanges, China and Mongolia has seen improved  political mutual trust, steady progress in pragmatic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges. Vice Minister Tian hoped that on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and respect, the two sides would continue to enhance mutual trust and cooperation via the Joint Committee, produce more fruitful results from cooperation and activities, and enrich the substances of the comprehensive strategic partnership.

  Echoing Vice Minister Tian's remarks of Sino-Mongolian relations, Mr. Tsengel added that trans-boundary water cooperation is important element of bilateral cooperation. He spoke highly of the efforts and contributions made by China in this regard as well as the positive outcomes produced by this meeting. Mongolia hoped to further strengthen and deepen cooperation with China in order to raise it to a new height.

  During his stay in China, the Mongolian delegation also visited the Changjiang Water Resources Commission and Three Gorges Project in the Yangtze River.