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Minister E Jingping Met Polish Minister of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation
  2018-12-06 09:00  

  On November 27, Mr. E Jingping, Minister of Water Resources, met Mr. Marek Gróbarczyk, Polish Minister of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation. Two sides exchanged ideas on further upgrading China-Poland cooperation in water sector.

  Minister E noted that in recent years China and Poland maintained friendly exchanges and cooperation in the field of water resources, and all activities progressed in a smooth and fruitful manner. In 2017, two governments signed a memorandum of understanding on water cooperation, and decided to cooperate in the fields of integrated management and sustainable utilization of water resources, flood control, drought relief, disaster reduction, water infrastructure construction and management, etc. The memorandum was inscribed as an outcome of the 2017 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

  Minister E pointed out that China enjoys a long history of water development with various types and a huge numbers of projects constructed. After long-term practice, China boasts of a number of water and hydropower planning and construction enterprises and scientific research teams with high professional level and rich project experience, and China is ready to share with Poland the experience in the construction and management of water projects. He stated that Ministry of Water Resources is willing to intensify water cooperation with Poland under the frameworks of the memorandum, the China-Central and Eastern European Countries 16+1 Cooperation Mechanism, the China-Europe Water Platform, etc.

  Minister Gróbarczyk spoke highly of China's achievements in water construction. He remarked that the newly-elected Polish government integrated the functions of water management and strengthened the integrated management of water resources. Ministry of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation exercises administrative functions in the aspects of water resources, marine economy, fisheries and inland navigation, etc. China and Poland enjoy an enduring and productive history of water cooperation, and the memorandum provides the development direction for future bilateral water cooperation. He expressed his willingness to continuously augment policy dialogues and experience sharing, upscale cooperation fields as well as push forward pragmatic cooperation.

  Attendees from relevant departments of Ministry of Water Resources were also present in the meeting.