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Minister E Jingping met with President of World Water Council
  2018-10-26 09:38  

  On October 18, Minister E Jingping met with Mr. Braga, the President of World Water Council in Beijing. The two sides exchanged views on deepening cooperation in water security, water infrastructure construction as well as water project investment and financing.

  Minister E Jingping conveyed his warm welcome and appreciation towards President Braga for his long-term support to water development in China and his efforts for promoting cooperation between China and World Water Council. Minister E pointed out that the special natural, geographical and climatic conditions in China lead to the uneven temporal and spatial distribution of water resources, and water demand cannot be satisfied by natural precipitation. Therefore, China have built a number of large-scale water infrastructures, with nearly 100,000 reservoirs and some water diversion schemes, including the world largest South-to-North water diversion project. Minster E noted that the Ministry of Water Resources of China stands ready to continuously expand exchanges and deepen pragmatic cooperation with the World Water Council and share China wisdom and experiences with the other counties, taking the advantage of the platform of World Water Council. MWR attaches great importance to the World Water Forum hosted by World Water Council, and will actively participate in the ninth forum in 2021.

  President Braga expressed his admiration for China's achievements in water infrastructure construction, and said that the World Water Council would play the role of a bridge to share the successful experiences of China in terms of trans-basin water transfer, reservoir construction and so on. The World Water Council will boost cooperation with Ministry of Water Resources on the subjects of water infrastructure construction, investment and financing, and welcome the Chinese side to participate in the decision-making of the Board of World Water Council.

  Officials from Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, and International Economic & Technical Cooperation and Exchange Center, attended the meeting.