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Minster E Jingping met Danish Minister of Environment and Food
  2018-09-30 08:44  

  On September 20, 2018, Minister E Jingping of Water Resources met Minister Jacob Eller Mann Jensen of Danish Environment and Food. The two sides exchanged views on water project construction, water-saving and conservation, integrated groundwater management, water pricing mechanism and global water event participation.

  Minister E Jinping highlighted that China-Danish bilateral cooperation on water have been progressing smoothly with remarkable achievements. Through Strategic Sector Cooperation Project and China Europe Water Platform, a number of exchange activities and pilot projects have been jointly implemented with participation of water resources departments and research institutes in China, which makes great contribution to the enhancement of water management level in both countries. Ministry of Water Resources of China stands ready to continuously upscale cooperation under the Strategic Sector Cooperation Project and China Europe Water Platform, carry out technical exchanges in the fields of water resources management, groundwater monitoring, environmental flow and water pricing and charging system, in order to further up bilateral pragmatic cooperation.

  Minister Jensen spoke highly of China’s achievements in water development. He noted that China and Denmark have stablished a long-term partnership, and hoped to boost policy dialogue, sharing of experiences, and reinforce cooperation in technical respects. He further pointed out that Denmark has always attached great importance to water resources management and obtained valuable experiences and best practices. It is believed that there will be much room for China and Denmark to learn from each other and deepen cooperation in sustainable utilization of water resources.

  Relevant officials from Ministry of Water Resources of China and Danish Embassy to China attended the meeting.