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Vice minister Tian Xuebin attended World Water Week 2018 in Stockholm
水利部網站    2018-09-17 10:07  

  Invited by Swedish Ministry of Environment and Energy, Mr. Tian Xuebin, Vice minister of Water Resources, attended World Water Week in Stockholm which was held from August 26-31, 2018 and delivered a speech at the session of Disaster Management.

  Vice Minister Tian pointed out that, in recent years, along with the intensification of global climate change, the occurrence of natural disasters become increasingly abnormal and uncertain, which causes threat to people’ lives and restriction to global economic development. The Chinese government attaches great importance to disaster prevention and mitigation, and gives priority to water development and disaster reduction with both structural and non-structural measures. All of these effectively alleviated the losses of flood disasters, and played a significant role in safeguarding social stability and sustainable economic development. With a focus on international cooperation for disaster reduction, China has conducted fruitful bilateral and multilateral cooperation with neighboring countries in the fields of hydrological data provision, emergency management and technical support, and participated in disaster relief activities and projects led by the United Nations.

  Vice Minister Tian called for further efforts to strengthen technical cooperation in the field of disaster prevention and mitigation, boost South-South cooperation and South-North Cooperation, and build capacity to cope with flood and drought disasters, and facilitate implementation of United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and SDG 6.

  Established in 1991 and hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute once a year, the Stockholm World Water Week is one of the most influential international water events. With a theme of Water, Ecosystem and Human Development, it attracts more than 1,000 government officials, expert representatives and business leaders for this year’s Forum.

  During his stay in Sweden, Vice Minister Tian met with Mr. Per Ängquist, State Secretary of Swedish Ministry of Environment and Energy, and exchanged views on further deepening pragmatic cooperation under the framework of China-EU Water Platform and the Joint Steering Committee on Sino-Sweden Water Management Cooperation. Mr. Gui Congyou, Chinese Ambassador to Sweden, also attended the meeting.  

  Vice Minister Tian visited Japan before his attendance of Stockholm World Water Week and held a discussion with Mr. Tetsuo Morimoto, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, to exchange views on upgrading water cooperation under the Sino-Japan Farmland Water Exchange Mechanism. Besides, two sides also jointly launched policy exchange and other related activities for Sino-Japan Farmland Water Exchange Conference.