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Minister E Jingping hosted a consultation meeting for flood control and prevention
  2018-06-20 15:00  

  Minister E Jingping hosted a consultation meeting for flood control and prevention on June 17th, to evaluate the current flood situation, in order to prepare for a new round of heavy rain.

  It is forecasted that heavy rainfall events will occur in southwestern and southern parts of China, and most regions to the south of the Yangtze River and Hubei province from June 17th to 22nd due to the combined effects of cold and warm air. The cumulative precipitation will range from 40 to 90 mm, and some regions and areas will experience precipitation ranging from 100 to 260 mm. Due to the rainfall, the mainstream of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and other major rivers will see obvious rise of water levels. Warning level floods may occur in the Rao River of Poyang Lake and rainstorm-hit areas of small and medium-sized rivers.

  Minister E Jingping stressed that flood season is coming in major rivers of Yangtze, Pearl and Huai. Typhoons in southeastern coastal areas have entered a period of frequent occurrence, and some parts of the Northeast are suffering from severe drought. We will reach a critical stage of flood control and drought relief.

  This round of heavy rainfall will last for a long time, affect more areas. The rainstorm center is relatively stable, and the water level of the middle reaches of the Huai River is relatively high. Small and medium-sized reservoirs are under pressure to ensure its safety and leave capacity for floodwater. High risks of mountain flood disaster are associated with small and medium-sized rivers in southwestern mountainous areas. Mitigation measures should be taken in advance in order to safeguard flood prevention and disaster relief.

  First, we shall fulfill our responsibilities for flood prevention; second, we shall strengthen monitoring, forecasting and early warning; third, we shall regulate water structures and facilities in a scientific manner; fourth, we shall focus on the weak points; and fifth, we shall safeguard water supply.

  After the consultation meeting, working groups organized by the Ministry of Water Resources and the Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters will make field visits to Anhui, Henan and Hubei provinces, in order to assist and guide the local governments to better prepare for food control and prevention.