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1 Press Conference on Hydrology Supporting Economic and Social Development 2020-02-17
2 National working conference of the ministry held in Beijing 2020-02-17
3 Press conference on the 5th anniversary of Phase I of Eastern and Middle Rout... 2020-01-17
4 Govt targets intrusions of Yangtze shorelines 2020-01-08
5 Press conference on special actions to clean up rivers and lakes 2020-01-08
6 China's inland surface water quality significantly improves: study 2020-01-06
7 Xi highlights Yellow River development 2020-01-06
8 Yangtze protection efforts bear fruit 2020-01-06
9 Water diversion project delivers social, environmental benefits, engineer says 2020-01-02
10 Ministerial Meeting of Lancang-Mekong Water Resources Cooperation commenced i... 2019-12-24
11 Success of water project brings benefits to Beijing 2019-12-23
12 Lancang-Mekong Countries Look to Deepen Water Resources Cooperation 2019-12-17
13 Aerial view of Danjiangkou reservoir in central China's Henan 2019-11-25
14 Beijing's underground water level rises 2019-11-25
15 China's largest freshwater lake attracts more bird species 2019-11-22
16 Clean Xin'an River offers romantic views 2019-11-22
17 Premier Li underlines farmland water conservation 2019-11-20
18 Premier seeks more effort on water projects 2019-11-20
19 Qinghai's county wins national ecological honor 2019-11-20
20 China owns 2,750 natural reserves 2019-11-20