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1 The restoration of Sayram Lake in Xinjiang 2019-07-12
2 Floating platform set up to monitor Tibet's second largest lake 2019-07-12
3 Surface water use rises in China: research 2019-07-12
4 Qinghai scores big win in water ecology protection 2019-07-12
5 Press Conference on Achievements of Dynamic Monitoring of Soil Erosion in China 2019-07-09
6 Press Briefing on Flood Control and Drought Relief 2019-07-02
7 State Council Information Office held a briefing on consolidation of drinking... 2019-07-01
8 In pics: water discharging from Three Gorges Dam in C China's Hubei 2019-06-24
9 Across China: A province along Yangtze River drives to openness, innovation 2019-06-24
10 China renews yellow warning for rainstorms 2019-06-24
11 Heavy rain forecast for most of country 2019-06-10
12 Xi sends letter to World Environment Day celebrations in Hangzhou 2019-06-06
13 Flood, drought more likely to hit Yellow River basin this year 2019-06-06
14 Unified system to aid efficient and green development 2019-05-31
15 New group aims for restoration of Yangtze 2019-05-30
16 Fresh water replenishes China's longest inland river 2019-05-29
17 Xi Focus: Xi leads green development as world's largest horticultural expo opens 2019-05-06
18 Lake thaws in NW China's Xinjiang 2019-05-06
19 River cleanup draws praise 2019-04-30
20 China signs hydropower agreement with UN 2019-04-28