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River Basin Commissions

Changjiang Water Resources Commission
1863, Jiefang Dadao, Wuhan,
Hubei Province, China
Phone: + 86-27-82828245
website: http://www.cjw.gov.cn

Yellow River Conservancy Commission
11, Jinshui Road, Zhengzhou,
Henan Province, China
Phone: + 86-371-66022160
website: http://www.yellowriver.gov.cn

Huai River Water Resources Commission
3055, Donghaidadao, Bengbu,
Anhui Province, China
Phone: + 86-552-3093719
website: http://www.hrc.gov.cn

Hai River Water Resources Commission
15, Longtan Road, Hedong District,
Tianjin, China
Phone: + 86-22-24102327
website: http://www.hwcc.gov.cn

Pearl River Water Resources Commission
80, Tianshou Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,
Guangdong Province, China
Phone: + 86-20-87117780
website: http://www.pearlwater.gov.cn

Songliao River Water Resources Commission
4188, Jiefang Dalu, Changchun,
Jilin Province, China
Phone: + 86-431-85607066
website: http://www.slwr.gov.cn

Taihu Basin Authority
480, Jinian Road, Hongkou District,
Shanghai, China
Phone: + 86-21-65425171
website: http://www.tba.gov.cn